For the love of your dog, you and the planet

A natural defence spray to help protect your dog from fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes. Made with 100% pure essential oils of rose geranium, lemongrass and cedarwood, this aromatic blend doesn’t just help deters those pesky bugs, it smells great!

Excellent when teamed up with Itchy Wash Bar or Itchy Shampoo.

Have you found a tick? You’ll want a packet of Tick Picks too.

Directions of use:
Spray onto back, legs and stomach and work into the coat. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. To apply to dog’s head, spray onto kitchen paper and wipe onto the neck, ears and head, avoiding eyes and nose. Reapply every 2-3 days, or when the dog gets wet. Safe for daily use.Shake well before each use. Conduct a small patch test before application. Can be used on grooming tools and bedding, but conduct a stain test on fabric beforehand.Suitable for dogs and puppies from 12 weeks.


For the love of your dog, you and the planet

At Dermadog, we believe natural is best. Our natural dog care range will help keep your dog in the best of health – and a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Our products don’t contain any artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates or mineral oils. Not only that, they are thoughtfully packaged using recyclable materials; we have forgone plastic bottles and wrappers in favour of paper wrapping and glass alternatives.

Good for your dog, you and the environment.

All products lovingly designed, crafted and packaged by us at our workshop in Wiltshire, UK.

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