Natural Dog Care

Get ready to explore some of the best treats and toys that nature has to offer for your furry pal! From delicious, natural snacks they’ll love – to stylish eco-toys perfect for playtime. Come on in and discover all the amazing things there are out there when it comes to taking care of your pup naturally. Let’s go shopping!

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Verm-X: The Natural Approach to Animal Health

Verm-X provides natural care for your animals without the use of artificial chemicals or pharmaceuticals, making it a safe and effective choice. Their unique blends are formulated with leading medicinal herbalists and are veterinary approved, so you can be sure your pet is getting the best natural care available 💚

Amber & Oak

100% natural and organic

concentrated formula
2023 ⸻ Collection

Natural Dog Care ✳︎

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Join Us at the Royal Manx Show: Discover Our Natural Dog Treats!

Attention all dog owners and food enthusiasts!Hound and Howl are thrilled to announce that we will…

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