There are many grooming products on the market and at times it can be hard to choose between them. Unfortunately healthy and natural products tend to cost a bit more, but are they worth it? Here are 5 reasons why spending that little extra is a great idea.

They are healthier for your dog

Natural dog grooming products can help your dog in many more ways than are at first obvious. They can assist in balancing your dog’s natural pH levels; protect against or heal any effects of a harsh climate; restore moisture and prevent dry skin cracking; stop plaque building up and much more.

Also they are natural, so you are not introducing unnatural substances into your dog’s life.  This can help prevent allergies, skin irritations and other health problems related to chemical reactions.

Many dog shampoos contain chemicals that are toxic, as well as harsh soaps. These often cause dry skin and irritations without your knowing it, and the more you use it, the worse the situation gets. Natural dog shampoos and conditioners cleanse and nourish you dog’s coat and skin, and even add moisture, so not only are they not harmful, they are also beneficial.

They are healthier for you

Unless you groom your dog dressed like someone out of a science fiction film with rubber gloves and masks, whatever product you use on your dog also affects you. They will get onto your hands as you wash or rub the product onto your dog, and into your nasal passage by breathing in the fumes. Natural products do not do the same damage as chemical ones and are less harmful both by touch and inhalation. 

They are healthier for your home

Any grooming products you put on your dog stay in your home a long time. First as you use it and wash it off, so residue will stay around your bath, or wherever else you choose to wash your dog. Then rinsing it away you are now putting it into your drains. There are also the vapours that get into the air, presumably in your bathroom, and these can pervade your towels, rugs and even the walls. Apart from the fact natural products are not as damaging, they also break down sooner, so linger less time. Then consider your dog; the products you used and the side effects they have, stay on your dog, and dogs spend a lot of time in the house. 

They are healthier for the planet

Natural dog grooming products contain natural ingredients, whereas other products contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Whatever shampoo you use, it goes down the drain and joins the waste water system. This then can harm the environment, wildlife and even our own drinking water in some cases. 

Chemicals can take a long time to break down, but natural products tend to break down more quickly, as mentioned above. This means whatever effect they are having, generally a lot less than synthetic ones, disappears much sooner. This benefits wildlife and flora.

Would you use it?

Assuming you care for your dog, one question to ask is; ‘Would you use it on yourself?’ If the answer is no, then there is no good reason to use it on your dog. 

Your dog would probably be happier covered in mud and smelling like old socks, so any cleaning you do is because you want it done, not because your dog does. You have made the choice to cleanse your dog, make it a good choice for your pet. Think beyond the simple cleaning process to what side effects or benefits these products will have. Read and understand the ingredients and choose something that will benefit your dog in other ways too.

Covering yourself in chemicals isn’t really something you want to do, so don’t do it to your favourite pet either.