Spring is by far the most romantic time of the year for a wedding. Life becomes warmer and more colourful, and while nature may bring a few April showers it will also yield an abundance of May flowers. It’s the perfect season to take that momentous step into the future, surrounded by those you love – speaking of whom, why not share your special ‘happily ever after’ day with your cherished dog?

That’s right! Having your pooch accompany you down the aisle or play an active role in your ceremony has to be the icing on the (wedding) cake. Obviously, your plans will have to take account of the particular location and of any specific rules that may be imposed by the venue, whether that is a church or a stately home or a registry office or what have you; but once you’ve decided that your dog will be with you when you tie the knot, a little extra thought and some careful preparation ahead of time will help to make your wedding ceremony complete.

So let’s take a look at how to ensure things will go smoothly:

First, when deciding what role your pooch is to play at the wedding, you should take into account your pet’s temperament and what can be expected of them in a group setting. Is he or she happy to meet and greet anyone and everyone? Are they good with essential commands? Is yours the sort of dog that will put up with being dressed in a wedding-themed outfit? Perhaps you imagine your pooch walking down the aisle behind the bride, carrying a basket of flowers in their mouth, or waiting at the altar with the groom as ‘ring bearer’, with wedding rings tied to their collar – or maybe it would be more realistic to have them sit quietly with family members.

Whatever you decide, you must always have your dog’s best interest at heart. Make sure they have someone trusted and familiar close at hand, to help with their memorable appearance.

To prepare your four-legged friend for their important duties, they can be included in your wedding rehearsals to get used to this new environment and to practise whatever you want them to do. However well the rehearsals have gone, though, you may have to be more relaxed about how your pet reacts on the actual day. Be prepared for the unexpected and remember that, behind the scenes, your mutt may get distracted or over-excited during the ceremony. Therefore, while you and your guests are focusing on the actual wedding vows, someone should be designated solely to take care of your dog.


Make sure your photographer is made aware that your pooch will be attending the ceremony and is prepared to take some extra-amazing photos of the four-legged guest.

Mention on invitations that your dog will be attending the wedding, so that other guests are in the picture.

Prepare a bag with treats, a bowl for water, a favourite toy and poop bags. Your pal may appreciate some ‘Lucky Duckie’ chews to bring good luck to the happy couple.

Recommend pet-friendly petal confetti to those attending your wedding.

How could you not have your greatest love with you on your wonderful wedding day?

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