25kg+  —  6 per day
11-25kg  —  4 per day
Up to 10kg  —  2 per day

Puppies should be fed half the adult amount between three to six months of age, and the full amount thereafter. For continued effectiveness, feed daily. When introducing Verm-X, or when required, double the quantity can be safely fed over 14 days. Prior to introducing any new product have a Faecal Egg Count (FEC) so you have a record of your starting point. As their effect is cumulative, use the daily crunchies for at least 3 weeks before doing a follow up FEC. We recommend that all dogs have regular faecal egg counts (at least twice a year) to avoid unnecessary control programmes.

120g will last a small dog 1 month.

In 2000, Verm-X Founder and Managing Director, Philip Ghazala, became curious to learn more about natural approaches to animal health. His research lead him to the National Institute of Medical Herbalists where he discovered a long-standing history pre-dating modern pharmaceuticals, of herbs being used for generations to promote complete animal health. Driven by this passionate exploration, VERM-X was born with a holistic approach to caring both for animal wellbeing and for the environment.

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