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Hand crafted interactive wooden puzzles for dogs. All our puzzles are made out of wood and treated with natural linseed oil to help maintain strength for a longer time.


Dogs need to indulge in both physical and mental exercises daily. While your daily walk will take care of physical activity, it does not provide the proper stimulation for a dog’s mind.
Enrichment isn’t just for hyper, over-aroused dogs, it benefits all dogs! Dogs need enrichment because their brains need to work as much as, if not more than their legs!
Enrichment for dogs has been known to lower stress, encourage them to learn more efficiently, and increases problem-solving skills which leads to a more emotionally balanced dog.
Mental enrichment is what will make your dog more relaxed and manageable.


Tips to get the most out of using the puzzles with your dog.

Use small treats to hide in the spaces.

Encourage your dog to find by uncovering part of the hole and let them get the treat, praising when they do it correctly.

When they get used to finding the treats by themselves help is not needed, and less treats can be used to make it harder.

Only use with human supervision

Do not let dog chew or bite any part of the puzzle

If dog gets over-excited cease play and continue when the dog is calmer


A double sided puzzle. With swinging doors that hide the treats.

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