While some people may not choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day for a variety of reasons, others can’t wait to deliver messages of love and affection to their partners, family, and friends. There is, however, another serious contender worthy of a bit of pampering and appreciation on this special day… your pooch!

Dogs find great pleasure in loving their owners unconditionally. Their loyalty, selflessness and extraordinary devotion towards their human companions can teach us valuable lessons about love and personal attachment. Without a doubt, February 14th should be about them too.

So why not celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day together with your mutt? These fun lovey-dovey ideas will almost certainly guarantee your dog will always ‘woof’ you!

A change of scenery – There are plenty of dog-friendly places to take your four-legged friend on the Isle of Man. On this special day, your pooch will appreciate exploring somewhere new, where they can enjoy a fun social outing in unfamiliar surroundings with novel sounds and whiffs. Check out a different hiking trail, park or beach, and enjoy a game of hide and seek. You may find yourself spoilt for choice but the villages of Port St Mary and Kirk Michael are great coastal areas to visit with your dog.

Pamper your dog(s) at home – This can be a smashing fun time for both you and your dog! Start by giving your pooch a warm soapy bath, throw in a few of their favourite plastic toys, and splash away! Dry them off with a thick bath towel before starting on a manicure and pedicure, then check their teeth, finishing with special tasty treats as a reward. After pooch’s favourite dinner, you and your dog can snuggle up under some blankets on the sofa. Now comes the best bit! As it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought you’d both enjoy sitting back to watch a film together. ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is a fun animation about what your pet is doing when you’re not at home. Starring two mutts, Max and Duke, it explores their dominance hierarchy. You can find the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ4WBlveGfw.

Meanwhile for those of you who love dogs and Channing Tatum, check out the film simply called ‘Dog’, released last year. This sentimental comedy features two former army rangers who embark on an inspirational road trip together and stars Lulu, a Belgian Malinois. For those of you who love Channing, you’ll even get to see him in the bathtub with his adorable pooch.

Plan a fun Valentine’s Day party for your mutt(s) – If the weather is fine, invite family or friends with their four-legged companions to a Valentine-themed pooch party. Head outside, grab a picnic blanket and celebrate with some entertaining games and new toys! Arrange a Valentine’s Day dog photoshoot with your guests and snap away to catch all the day’s antics.

Surprise your pooch with a Valentine’s Day gift – Whatever you choose as a present for your dog on this special day, wrap it up to make the surprise more entertaining. Most dogs love to play with paper and finally revealing a new toy or treats will be a real cause for excitement.

Finally, no Valentine’s Day celebration would be complete without music, and what better tracks could there be for you and your pooch to boogie on down with than:

Elvis Presley – Hound Dog