Am I creating a diva?

Ok, so you’re at the stage where you’re thinking; ‘what’s the point? Wouldn’t it be easier to just switch back to kibble? my dog just isn’t keen on raw!’ 

Now think, how many half-eaten bowls of kibble have you left out for your dog to graze on and then by the afternoon its gone even ickier looking? 
You’ve chucked it out, filled it back up, added some bits of chicken or cheese, just to help encourage them to have their din-dins. They eat the chicken and cheese, but once again they avoid the kibble! 

If your dog has been on kibble and knows the noise of that kibble shake they relate that to food, I’m lucky the sound of the freezer door opening, is the food trigger for my dogs.

I've discovered Stanley & Enzo like their raw food partially frozen, especially carcass and neck, as soon as they hear that door they’re straight to the kitchen and sit waiting for their dinner. 

So, let’s say I offer them some mince that’s been left in the fridge. I put the bowl down on the floor and the look of disgust on Stanley’s face is striking, sometimes he won’t even get off his chair to sniff it. So then I walk into the kitchen, open the freezer and he’s there straight away waiting for his chicken neck. 

Can you see, that if I feed him his new preferred dinner choice, how I’ve created a demanding diva? Don’t get me wrong, my dog is spoilt but I have learnt the hard way. Stanley would just eat chicken carcass every day if he had the choice, sometimes you have to asses how you're reacting to your dog's behaviour! Our dogs are very intuitive. If you get stressed because they’re not eating, they get more stressed and continue not eating, its a vicious circle. If you keep offering different meals because they’re not eating, they’ll keep waiting for their favourite.

My tops tips

1) Put their bowl down and walk away! Don’t stand over and fuss
Curiosity should get the better of them, it's like waiting for a kettle to boil stop starring. 

2) Don’t keep offering different brands or different meats for every mealtime, or they’ll start to expect this at every meal time. Remember that demanding diva I was telling you about? Don’t give in!
If you know they have a favourite meat add just a little to tease them to try it - I know if I add a chicken neck to Stanley meal he will finish whatever is in his bowl.

3) Dogs are known to self-regulate. They might not feel hungry, it may be too hot, they might be full, or they just don’t want to eat. Don’t worry dogs don’t normally allow themselves to starve. 

Just today Enzo finally ate the Surf and Turf he has been refusing for two days. I added a bit of beef to his morning portions and this evening's portions... it was demolished. 

4) Don’t give up just yet, pets can be like children; they don’t want their dinner but there’s always room for ice cream!

5) Don’t make it even harder for yourself by encouraging your demanding pooch. I know its so hard, especially when you’re doing DIY and you’ve chopped and weighed portions, you’re all excited, only for your dog to stick his paws up at you.

6) Just keep going you’re doing great.


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