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    Fallow Antler Dog Chew These softer superior antler chews and treats are good for older puppies and softer c hewers.They are free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives, just pure and natural! Healthy, unprocessed, nutritious, low odour chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes, that last for ages.

    Finest quality…........not all antler chews are the same!

  • Pigs Ear


    Manx farm assured pigs ear.

  • Buffalo Horn

    • 100% natural Buffalo Horns for Dogs are long-lasting and wear down very slowly. Low in fat and ideal for aggressive chewers, these horns are great for preventing boredom too
  • Manx Tripe Sticks


    Manx farm assured beef tripe sticks.



    Easy Antler Chews are specially designed for very young puppies, older dogs or 'lazy' chewers  Hand cut lengthways to expose the tasty nutritious inner antler marrow, making it easy for these dogs to enjoy the tasty bits without too much hard work! Still clean and safe with low odour, to human's anyway! These chews are best for dogs that do not have strong jaws and are not strong chewers.

  • Moo Tubes


    Manx farm assured beef trachea.



    These chews contain a number of good minerals and they are incredibly hard and long lasting. Your dog will find them exciting and irresistible. This is a totally natural product, free from additives or preservatives, its hypoallergenic, just pure and natural!

  • Olivewood Chew


    Olivewood chews are made from annually harvested wood, from managed Olive trees, in "Olivar's" (Field of Olive tree's).and are 100% sustainable,

    Olivewood is a close grained wood that is harder than most native woods.

    Simply graded, dried and sanded and then lightly infused with virgin olive oil, to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog.

  • Camel hide chews


    Camel hide chews are 100% natural camel chews, hypoallergenic, gluten free and tough ‘n’ tasty. Simply dried, no additives, bleaching or chemicals are used, making it a great alternative to Rawhide. Tough chewing helps clean teeth, and great for dogs that suffer from food allergies and intolerances.

  • ChewRoots - Small


    ChewRoots are a sustainable natural wood dog chew toy. 

  • ChewRoots - Large


    These are a natural, wood, dog chew harvested by hand from the tree root systems. These trees grow in the warmer countries of Europe, and are unharmed by the harvesting as the root bulb grows back.

    The actual type of tree’s and the exact location is a closely guarded secret, to keep this resource safe and sustainably managed.

    Natural, ethical, sustainable.