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  • Chicken Necks


    British Farm Assured Free Range Chicken Necks. One of our dog’s absolute favourites. These meaty chicken necks have approximately 40% bone content. 

  • Minced Beef Tripe


      Green Tripe Yes, the stinky stuff! Packed full of digestive enzymes and probiotics, it has the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus – 1:1.  

  • Manx Lamb Tripe


    100% Manx Lamb Tripe. A great product for the DIY feeder, and just like our beef tripe, yep that's right, it stinks! 1 kg e

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  • Wild Rabbit


    A great single protein, lean balanced mince. Whole Rabbit minced without fur, is an excellent natural meal for a dog.

  • Beef Tripe and Chicken


    Made in the Hound and Howl kitchen, our coarsely minced Manx beef tripe and chicken complete. We’ve mixed the correct 80/10/10 ratio of meat, bone & offal that make up a balanced raw meal.

  • Turkey Wings


     x2 Free-range British turkey wings

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  • Beef Chunks


      100% Manx Beef Chunks.

  • Chicken Carcass


    Two meaty carcasses, weighing approximately 220g each. These are the perfect nutritious treat or great for DIY Raw feeders to use to create their own meals, your dogs will love them!

  • Pig Trotter x2


    Manx Farm Assured pig trotters.

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  • Turkey Dinner


    Coarsely minced Farm assured Turkey Dinner. A great single protein balanced meal.

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  • Minced Chicken


    Made from meaty British farm assured chicken carcass, coarsely minced. Approx 80% meat, 20% bone.

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  • Manx Pork Lites


    Manx pork lÍites.



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